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Children department holds convention and bible extravaganza

POSTED: 08 Nov 2017

Under the theme 'Getting ready for the coming of Jesus', the Children's Ministries Department of the Conference held its Children Convention and Bible extravaganza on Sabbath 21st October 2017 at the Oldbury campsite.

Participating in this programme was the Church's children from across all the island of Barbados. 

The all-day programme was conducted by children from various Sabbath Schools in Barbados demonstrating to their parents and friends lessons learned during their segment of local church Sabbath Schools. This was the first major programme of the new Children's Ministries Leader Sis Andrea Hudson-Hoyte since being called to serve as Director. 

There were several hundred children in attendance supported by a large number of parents and friends. The highlight of the morning session was the children's choir's rendition of Days of Elijah after an impactful sermon by Sarah Louis which was followed by the appeal and dedicatory prayer by CARU's Youth Director, Ps Anthony Hall. The 14-year-old Loius' sermon was self-written and for this, we give God praise. The children choir brought the morning session to a glorious climax with their rendition as members and friends shouted praise to God for the ministry of the children. 

Most families came prepared and spent the day enjoying family sabbath lunches and the evening programme brought a well-spent day to a close. We give God thanks for the ministry of the children!

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