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Over four containers of disaster relief items shipped to Dominica from head office in Barbados

POSTED: 23 Oct 2017

Over four containers have been shipped from the East Caribbean Conference office in Barbados to the hurricane-ravaged island of  Dominica. Church members and friends have responded mightily to the disaster outreach drive of the Conference, to the extent that at time of writing the ADRA and Community Services team are actively working on the sixth 40 foot container to be sent the country.

Visual of damage done to Westley church

Members of the local community services department selflessly gave of their time to pack these containers and the collection point on the conference compound was a hive of activity as donations are received and packed.

According to Pastor Dale Haynes, Community Services Director of the conference, the response has been overwhelming and large donations were received not only from members but local businesses and persons. He indicated that the various shipments included items such as food, water, personal supplies, medical supplies and even school supplies such as book and shoes.

Dominica was hard hit by Hurricane Maria and the Conference's ADRA and Community Services department have been working closely to meet the needs of their sister territory. The east Caribbean Conference consists of the islands of Barbados and Dominica. The Conference's Communication Director and ADRA Director, Pastor Colin Thorne at time of writing are in Dominica coordinating with local Dominica church leaders.

We thank God for all the donations received from both friends and members.

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