The Adventist church in the islands of Barbados & Dominica

Need to get in touch with us? Please see our office phone and email directory below.

Telephone :: 1 (246) 429-7234
Fax :: 1 (246) 429-8055, 436-7964
E-mail :



Extension #


Ext 221

President's Office

Ext 234/235

President Administrative Assistant

Ext 234

Executive Secretary

Ext 278

Executive Secretary Administrative Assistant

Ext 283

Executive Secretary Administrative Assistant (Staff Affairs)

Ext 284


Ext 224

Associate Treasurer

Ext 228

Administrative Assistant

Ext 223

Administrative Assistant ( Insurance )

Ext 225


Ext 229

Junior Accountant

Ext 240

Accounts Clerk

Ext 236


Ext 229

Auditor ( Barbados )

Ext. 227

Associate Auditor ( Dominica )

1 (767) 440-3841

IADPA Bookstores ( Barbados )

Ext 226

IADPA Bookstores ( Dominica )

1 (767) 440-3841

ADRA Director

Ext 278

ADRA Assistant Coordinator (Barbados)

Ext 234

ADRA Assistant Coordinator (Dominica)

Ext 246

Bible Correspondence School, Prison Ministry Coordinator 

Ext 285

Assistant Coordinator

Ext 230 / 285

Bible Correspondence School( clerk )

Ext 230

Children's Ministries Director 

Ext 237 

Children's Ministries Secretary

Ext 256

Communications Director 

Ext 278 

Credit Union Of SDA Secretary

Ext 252

Customs Clerk/ Messenger

Ext 253

Education Director

Ext 242

Education Secretary

Ext 231

Family Life Men's Ministries Director

Ext 225

Family Life & Men's Ministries Secretary

Ext 256

Health Ministries Director 

Ext. 246 

Health Ministries Secretary

Ext 231

Ministerial Department Director

Ext 222 

Ministerial Department Secretary

Ext 281

Media Ministries Production Assistant (Audio)

Ext 276 

Media Ministries Production Assistant (Video)

Ext 254

Systems Technician/ Supervisor, Media Ministries

Ext 244

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and Community Services Director

Ext 233 

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and Community Services Secretary

Ext 231

Prayer Ministry/ Spirit of Prophecy

Ext 285

Publishing Ministries Director

Ext 239 

Publishing Ministries Secretary


Ext 281

Religious Liberty Director

Ext 235

Stewardship and Trust Services Director 

Ext 222 

Stewardship and Trust Services Secretary


Ext 281

Women's Ministries Director 

Ext 237 

Women's Ministries Secretary


Ext 256

Youth Ministries Director 

Ext 280

Youth Ministries Secretary

Ext 281

Following the gospel commission, our educational institutions prepare young people for success in the 21st century and beyond. Our schools provide a Christian education to the children in the communities of Barbados and Dominica. Provided below is contact information on schools throughout our conference.

Enrollent Policy

We welcome applications from students across our conference. All enrolments are made on the understanding that the student and parents support the ethos and philosophy of our schools and church, and consequently aid us in maintaining these principles in our schools.

Enrollment procedure

You will need some required documents and completed enrollment form. Please contact directly the school within your territory by mail, phone or fax for fees, programs and application forms.

Schools in Dominica and Barbados

Temple S.D.A Primary School
P.O Box 111, Roseau, Dominica

Erdmine Fabien – Principal

Phone: 1 (767) 445-5048

Authur Waldron S.D.A Academy
Chambers Street, Glanvillia, Portsmouth, Dominica

Carlotta Challenger -Principal

Phone: 1 767-445-4564

Ebenezer S.D.A Primary School
P.O. Box 111, Roseau, Dominica

Ursula Edwin –Principal

Phone: 1 (767) 448-5030

Western District S.D.A Primary School
St. Joseph, Dominica

Shirley Mills – Principal (Ag)

Phone: 1 (767) 449-6048
E-mail: none

Bridgetown S.D.A Primary School
Dalkeith, St. Michael, Barbados

Angela Bushell-Skeete – Principal

Phone: 1 246-436-6503

Website :

 Barbados S.D.A Secondary School
Dalkeith Road, St. Michael, Barbados

Ms. Annette Alleyne – Principal

 Phone: 1 246-427-7355/ 417-6760

Fax: 1 246-228-4320
Website :

Barbados churches with telephone numbers

Advent Avenue Advent Ave. Bank Hall  St. M 427-3050
Amazing Grace Rosemont Deacons St M  425-6995
Belair Bridge Cot  St G 437-0389
Belleplaine Belleplaine St A 422-7516
Bible Way Blades Hill St Ph 423-2174
Black Bess Black Bess St. Ptr  422-7516
Black Rock Ellerisle Rd.  Blk Rk. St M  424-5157
Boscobelle Boscobelle St Ptr 419-9928
Breath Of Life White Hall Main Rd. St M  425-5826
Cane Vale Cane Vale Ch Ch  428-5883
Cave Hill Cave Hill St L  419-0672
Chance Hall Jemmotts St L 439-2304
Checker Hall Checker Hall St L 439-7461
Eastlyn Cane Hill Rd St G 435-1462
Ebenezer  Middle Lane Eden Lodge St M 424-4743
Ephesus Dalkeith Hill St M 228-5514
Gardens Mount Stanfast St Jas  422-5461
Glen Bowmanston St Jo 433-2876
Golan Benthams Bottom St Ph 423-9191
Goodland Goodland  Main Rd St M 438-7621
Government Hill Government Hill St M 429-9164
Grape Hall Grape Hall St L 439-2623
Grazettes  Pied Mt Pk Grazettes St M 425-5253
Greens Greens St G 433-6014
Hillaby HILL Hillaby St A  433-6014
Holders Durants Vlge  Holders St Jas  432-6241
Indian Ground  Indian Ground  St Ptr  422-8205
Jackmans Skeetes  Rd Jackmans St M  436-7955
Jackson Canewood   Rd Jackson St M  425-0792
King Street King St St M  429-8639
Mapp Hill Pasture Rd Haggatt Hall St M 429-5216
Mile & Quarter Hopeland St Ptr  422-5768
Moriah Rollins Rd Ch Ch 428-1589
Mt Zion Bissex Hill St Jos  422-9463`
Nothern Light Hope Rd  St L 571-2875
Pligrim Rd Pligrim Rd. Ch Ch 420-9414
Rock Dundo St Ptr  422-5648
Sliver Hill Sliver Hill Ch Ch  418-0736
Six Roads Six Rds St Ph 416-4720
Speightown  Queen St St Ptr 422-4719
Sugar Hill Braggs Hill St Jos  433-8990
Venture No 3 Venture St Jo  433-4643
Victory Orange Hill St Jas  432-9753
Way To Calvary Browne's Gap Sargeants Vlg Ch Ch  437-1884
Welchman Hall Vault Rd  Welchman Hall St T  438-7970
Workmans Workmans  St G 435-1942



Beckles David Pastor ( Retired ) 549-6587
Blackman Jameil Pastor 624-7251`
Brome Sheldon Pastor  439-8658
Burgress Samuel Pastor  572-5018
Butcher Shane Pastor  421-6847
Charles Andrew Mr  ( Bible Worker) 428-0347
Cooke Winston Pastor  438-5622
Denny Miguel Pastor ( Youth Dir)  418-1388
Dyal Carl Dr Pastor  271-1267
Emile-Edwards Shirlene Mrs (Auditor) 429-6943
Francis R Danforth ( President/ Rel Lib Dir) 571-5117
Francis Verna Mrs ( Prayer & S O P Coordinator)  571-5117
George Greaves  Mr ( Usc  Coordinator) 622-1838
Greaves Haldine Pastor  421-8517
Hall Anthony Pastor ( C'bean Union)  571-1453
Harrison-Dottin Valrica Mrs ( Treasurer) 271-0606
Haynes Dayle Pastor ( Personal Min Dir) 228-3817
Haynes Roosevelt Pastor( Pub Min Dir/Stewardship / Trust Services ) 423-0788
Hinds Granville Pastor  439-9321
Howell Everette  Pastor  ( Retired ) ` 439-5741
Hoyte Andrea Mrs ( Women  & Children Min)  429-2990
 Hoyte Anthony Pastor  429-2990
Hunte Beresford Mr  ( Assoc Tresurer ) ` 850-4723
James Joel  Pastor  571-6503
Lindo Devere Pastor 424-3412
Lucas Alvin Pastor ( Public  Campus Min) 435-9884
Magloire Daphney  Ms ( Edu Dir Dom)   1767-445-5460
McCallum A George Dr Pastor  271-5068
Padmore Lesile Pastor 423-4517
Peters Jason Pastor  271-6947
Phillips Leon Dr  Pastor  ( Retired )  427-2632
Prescott Bernard  Pastor  438-3310
Prevost  Priscilla  Mrs  ( Health Min/  Assoc ADRA )  1767-449-6846
 Reid Jason Pastor  438-7322
Selman  Ricardo Pastor (  Family Life Director )  228-8244
Spooner Deborah Pastor  571-6616
Sutton Orville Dr Pastor( Retired ) 429-1548
Thorne Colin Dr Pastor ( Exc Sec /ADRA Coordinator ) 547-8257
Walkes David Pastor 438-5949
Yearwood Dean Pastor  572-2813